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My website is currently being carried over to a new webhost. You still have access to all pages, but exciting changes are coming!


My name is Nadia Granata!

I am a professional UI/UX Designer  specializing in 

UX Research

Graphic/Logo Design

Visual Design



"As a UI/UX designer and the project team leader, Nadia exhibits professionalism in her work and helps create an understanding and supportive team environment. She values the significance of user research and directs her design decisions by assessing both customer needs and business objectives.

Her solid graphic design background and extensive industry experience make her work visually appealing and creative, telling fascinating stories. I very much enjoy collaborating with her, and her contribution to the team is invaluable."

-Vicky Zhang, Product Manager at InventCan Corp.

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How might we make it easier for users to see what their money is being spent on when donating to countries in desperate need of help and supplies?

The Giving Hand

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How might we make resources more easily accessible through an empathetic navigation redesign?

Canadian Space Agency


I've always been very interested in what makes a person a person.  I love to observe habits and find out why people do the things they do.  I suppose that's why I was drawn to UX design. 


I love art and spent most of my life doodling and drawing.  Oddly enough, I started out my career as an Early Childhood Educator.  In my work, I would observe children, assessing their strengths and skills to be developed and then created lesson plans and activities based on my observations. I take what I've learned in the 14+ years as an educator and 7+ years as a 2D graphic artist and apply it to my work as a UX designer.  How might I, as a UX designer, create the best experience for users?

Observe. Create. Learn.

I live by those three rules.

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